Gord & Debbie Wadds
6605 W. Simpson Rd.
Ovid, MI 48866
Phone: (517) 927-2908

Connie Colvin:
"Gord Wadds has a way with both horses and people. He has been working with my 4 year old stallion for about a month and a half and has already done more than I could have imagined! Not only has he taught Fonzie how perform better and be well behaved, he has also made sure that I understand exactly how to maintain this training so that the discipline can be continued when I take him home. Gordy has a way of explaining things that just makes you "get it"! During the clinic that I attended at their farm, he made sure that everyone from the 8 year olds to those of us with lots of horse experience learned something.

I am so pleased with my decision to put my horse in training with Gordy! I couldn't have made a better choice and I know my time working with him has already made me a better horsewoman, and will continue to do so."


Phil Vallone, Roscoe, NY:
"Gord has been a pleasure to work with. His timely response and fair assessment of our horses made it easier for us to make donations to a couple of local College Equine programs. Schools today need every break they can get. Making the donation process easier through timely and fair appraisals accomplishes that. I highly recommend his services."

E. Utz:
"Thanks for appraising my horses.  The bound appraisal packages were outstanding."


B. Hesse
What a great time myself & both friends had at the clinic today! An excellent assortment of future loungeline yearlings were brought in to work with at very different stages of training & also 1st time off the farm for a couple. This clinic was geared towards showing the yearling longe liner......but DO NOT let this stop you from coming to a future clinic....very valuable stuff on respect & handling on all young horses from a pro! Gordy Wadds is one of the best in the area.  If you want that extra edge ......go !!

L. Kissane:

"Thank you for the great clinic on saturday THE WADDS WAY. It was a great day of learning and tips for getting our horses ready for the show pen. Thank you so much for all the help and kindness you showed us and our horses.