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Tail Extensions

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1. How do I pick the correct color for my horse?

If your horse has a tail with a solid color, it's pretty easy.  But horses that have multiple colors in their tail can be a challenge.  Match the extension to the predominant color in the area where the tail will be attached.  Another tip is to step back and notice what color is most visible.

If you still aren't sure, send us a sample and some pictures. 
We custom make all our tails.

2. You offer two weights - pound and one pound. 
How do I know which one to get?

Most adult horses will require the one pound extension. 

If your horse has a long tail and just needs more body, the half pound extension would work fine.  The half pound extensions are also used on yearlings.

Be careful not to go over-board.  Fine boned horses would look awkward with a thick heavy tail.  You don't want the tail to be the focal point.

3. Should I order the blunt or natural end?

The natural (tapered end) is used on yearlings that don't have a natural full long tail.  The natural end looks better on these youngsters.

It's a matter of preference on which to use for adult horses.

4.  How do I know what length to order?

Measure from just below the center of the tail bone (about two thirds down) to where you want the tail to end.  Most exhibitors like it to reach the fetlock area.

5.  How do I care for my tail extension?

After using the extension it should be washed with a shampoo designed for horses. Don't allow the tail to soak and avoid immersing the tail head - excessive water will hinder drying, which will lead to rot.  

Be sure to rinse it thoroughly.  The extension can be dried with a blow dryer or allowed to air dry. 

Using a non-silicone tail/mane detangler will keep the tail manageable.

After six to eight washings a conditioner designed for horses can be applied.

Be sure to store your clean, dry tail extension in a tail bag that is long enough to keep it from bunching or curling.

6.  How can I prevent the tail from becoming trapped between my horse's legs while performing?

A clean tail extension has less of a chance to become trapped between a horse's legs.  The soft smooth hairs will flow in and out.

Be sure you don't have a tail extension that weighs too much for your horse's size or conformation.  Narrow horses will be better off with a lighter tail (half pound).

7. How long can I leave the tail extension on my horse?

We recommend the horse only wears the extension during the show day and be removed before bedding down for the night.

If the extension is left on in the stall it can become damaged when the horse is moving around.  There is also a chance if it is caught and ripped out, your horse's natural tail could lose hair. 

By morning you'll have to remove, comb it out and reattach it to get a professional look. There's nothing worse than having a poorly attached tail extension.

8. How do I keep my horse from stepping on it?

First be sure it's the correct length for your horse.  Longer than the bottom of the fetlock joint could present a problem when your horse backs up or rounds up while performing.  Horses that get their hindquarters up under them may need a slightly shorter tail.

While waiting for your class or warming up, keep your horse's tail in a bag or braided up.  Don't forget to take it down when entering the class!

Call Debbie for more information (616) 550-6334


34" to 36"

                             Jet Black (dyed) _______________1/2 lb. $85.00
                             Chestnut ______________________ 1 lb. $150.00
                             Chestnut Mix ___________________1 lb. $150.00
                             Sorrel ________________________ 1 lb. $150.00
                             Light Sorrel ____________________1 lb. $150.00
                             Dark Gray ____________________1/2 lb. $150.00
                             Flaxen ________________________ 1 lb. $300.00
                             Light Flaxen __________________1/2 lb. $165.00
                             Light Grey ______________________1 lb. $350.00
                             Palomino _______________________1 lb. $350.00
                             White _________________________1 lb. $300.00

Forelocks in Black or Sorrel only $15.00 each

Also available in Shorter or Longer lengths.
Double loop attachment only.

Payment by Check or Money Order must accompany order.
Contact Debbie Wadds (616) 550-6334 to make arrangements for PayPal payment.

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