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Equine Appraisals
Gord Wadds
Certified Equine Appraiser
Equine Expert
6605 Simpson Rd.
Ovid, MI 48866

      Allow me to introduce myself and the services I provide as an equine professional, certified equine appraiser and expert witness.

      I specialize in all breeds of horses with particular expertise in show horses, race horses; all types of pleasure horses and all equine related situations.

      I am available worldwide for appraisals, expert testimony, tax exempt equine donations, insurance claims, divorce settlement, buying, selling, breeding, care, custody and all equine procedures related to these areas.  I am also available for all equine related consultations and professional advice.

      I have developed my knowledge base since 1966 with experience in equine behavior and management as a professional trainer, breeder, consultant, clinician, convention speaker, instructor and certified equine appraiser.

      From 1995 until 2014 I have produced 230 certified equine appraisals for clients in 29 United States and Canadian provinces.  They have involved veterinarian malpractice, divorces, settlement, wrongful equine death cases, charitable donations for tax portfolios, negligence litigation, bankruptcy, insurance increases, drug manufacturing misrepresentation and private sales value establishment.

      As of 2014, I have represented the accepted values or the side of success for court ruling in all of my 18 courtroom appearances and or settlements.

      I include in my area of expertise equine standards of care, analysis of quality and safety standards in riding instructions, trainers liability, accident prevention, incident reconstruction, investigation and situation analysis.

      Please feel free to contact us at gwadds1@aol.com or call 1-517-927-2908

      We look forward to being of service with integrity.

                                                                           Kindest regards,
                                                                                      Gord Wadds
                                                                                              AQHA Professional Horseman   #0227133
                                                                                              Certified Equine Appraiser   #01538